Our Coaches & Helpers

Most of our coaches and helpers started their paddling journey with PaddlePlus. The core belief of the club is that if you received help when you needed it, you give help when your own skills allow. Coaching is delivered in many ways at the PaddlePlus; formally organised sessions, ad-hoc coaching if we see you need help or some guided learning whilst on a trip.

Our fully qualified coaches and helpers contribute to all on-water activities, keeping members safe, happy and learning skills when needed.


Callum Staples - Coach

Callum Staples

UKCC Level 1

Richard Oldham - Coach

Richard Oldham

Richard South - Coach

Richard South

Storme Kilby-Sparks - Coach

Storme Kilby-Sparks

UKCC Level 1


Anton Magrath - Volunteer

Anton Magrath


Michael Rigby - Volunteer

Michael Rigby

Steve Mountford - Volunteer

Steve Mountford

Vice Chair

The PaddlePlus committee, officers, coaches and helpers are all volunteers.