Challenge Awards

What are the Challenge Awards?

The PaddlePlus Challenge Awards are aimed at our members who wish to progress in certain skill areas, with the reward of a badge and a certificate at the end of each challenge. They are not an alternative to the British Canoeing Start, Explore and Discover awards, instead they aim to add some extra challenges for your time at the club. There is a small (£1) fee for each badge & certificate.

How do I work towards them?

Any club coach can help you work towards a Challenge Award. You don’t have to do it all in one go, either! Sometimes it may not be possible to focus on certain awards due to high attendance, but if you ask a coach at the beginning of a session, or better still the week before, they will do their best to make sure you get some time to be coached / assessed.

The Awards

I Got Wet Challenge

  • Splash your coach, or your friends (ask first!)
  • Be prepared to get splashed back!
  • Jump in from the bank
  • Jump in from your boat / paddleboard
  • Perform a balancing activity, eg:
    • Stand up in your boat
    • Touch your nose to the end of your boat
    • Walk along a line of boats and back

Every Craft Challenge

Display basic skills (forwards/backwards/turn/stop), in 6 of the following craft:

  • Single Kayak
  • Duo Kayak
  • Single Canoe
  • Tandem Canoe
  • SUP
  • Coracle
  • Wavehopper
  • Playboat
  • Bell boat
  • Dragon boat
  • Katakanu
  • Skeeter (C1)
  • Racing boat
  • Slalom boat
  • Sea Kayak

Safe Paddler Challenge

  • Talk your coach through getting onto the water safely
  • Choose an appropriate craft
  • Organise getting your craft to the bank side
  • Demonstrate correct manual handling of boats
  • Get onto the water in a controlled manner
  • Swim to the opposite bank and get a ‘lift’ back from another boat
  • Demonstrate how to receive a throw line (and get a tow)
  • Demonstrate how to raise the alarm when needed
  • Show river traffic awareness
  • Get off the water in a controlled manner
  • Organise getting your craft and equipment put away

Trip Challenge

Complete a trip of more than 3 miles

  • Demonstrate the ability to organise your own kit. (Make a checklist)
  • Decide on an appropriate craft
  • Show support to others on the trip. (Buddy up)
  • Show an understanding of other river users
  • Demonstrate the use of some river signals
  • Make a note of how many boats and people are in your group
  • Submit a trip report. (Group or individual)

Volunteer Challenge

Perform 5 hours (cumulative) of any of the following

  • Help set up the welcome desk
  • Help prepare the tea / coffee / biscuits on a Thursday night
  • Help to clean the kitchen / club room
  • General tidying / litter picking
  • Putting equipment away
  • Showing new members around
  • Help to support a coach
  • Help set up a trip / activity
  • Help at a day event eg. Duck race, Riverside

Wier Challenge

  • Ask your coach about weir safety
  • Understand, be able to demonstrate, and follow appropriate river signals
  • Confidently run a weir, following signals from your coach(es)

Spraydeck Challenge

  • Jump into the water so that it goes over your head
  • Capsize (no spraydeck on) and get out of your boat safely
  • Capsize (no spraydeck on) and give three taps on the side of your boat, before getting out safely
  • (On the bank) Demonstrate getting your spraydeck on. Check the pull loop). (You may ask for help, provided you explain to your coach what to do)
  • (On the bank) Demonstrate releasing your spraydeck
  • (On the bank) Demonstrate releasing your spraydeck with your eyes shut. Explain\show how to find your pull loop
  • (On the river) Capsize your boat with the spraydeck on and safely exit (until your coach is satisfied that you can do this comfortably)
  • (On the river) Starting with your paddle in hand, capsize your boat with the spraydeck on and safely exit

Kayak Roll Challenge

  • Pre-requisite: Spraydeck Challenge
  • Perform a T-rescue with both hands
  • Perform a T-rescue with one hand
  • (Practice / receive further coaching)
  • Perform 3 successful rolls