White water - canoe & Kayak

White Water Paddling

White water paddling comes in many forms, from fun easy rapids and weirs up to tougher river sections. For some it provides a logical next step after gaining the fundamentals.

White water paddling provides a rush of adrenelin for the thrill seekers be it taking a canoe down a weir, eddy hopping, surfing a wave, finding a line down a fast rapid or boofing a waterfall!

White Water At PaddlePlus

PaddlePlus has an active, year round white water calendar visiting popular rivers such as the Derwent, Dee, Tees, Tryweryn & man-made white water courses such as the Nene, Holme Pierrepont & Lee Valley. We visit white water festivals such as the famous Tyne Tour in November.

The club also run training programmes to introduce beginners to white water which starts at the basics and eventually takes in and a trip to Fort William, Scotland at Easter.