Touring - Canoe & Kayak

What could be better than exploring the UK waterways by Canoe or Kayak? We spend a lot of time on the River Soar (our home waters) but also arrange regular trips to rivers throughout the year,

Canoe & Kayak Touring 

Touring is an opportunity to get away from it all! Choose to paddle on any of the beautiful rivers that we use and you will often spot wildlife that you wouldn't otherwise see. We often see kingfishers, coots, ducks, swans, bats, foxes.....the list is endless! Sometimes we are lucky enough to see otters and other rare animals.

A sunny day, a bright cold winters day or an evening dusk trip we paddle on all of them and they all bring different things to see, hear and do.

Touring activity at PaddlePlus

Touring doesn't always having to mean clocking up huge mileage, it can be 2 miles or 20 miles. Thursday evening club nights are mostly touring based, because of time constraints these are usually on the River Soar in Leicester, made a little more exciting by the weirs, pubs and messing about. 

PaddlePlus have quite a selection of touring canoes and kayaks for members to use, and many enthusiastic people that enjoy it. 

Some of our favourite touring trips that we run regularly include;

  • Aylestone or Enderby back to the club (River Soar)
  • The club to Barrow (River Soar)
  • Darley Dale to Matlock (River Derwent)
  • Various sections of the River Avon 
  • Various sections of the River Wye
  • Various sections of the River Severn

We also get a bit further afield now and again. Locations include the River Tay, River Tweed, River Dee & others.