Racing at PaddlePlus

PPR (PaddlePlus Racing) started out as a junior group in late 2015/early 2016 when a few of the paddlers took an interest in the racing style boats. This rapidly became a regular group paddling weekly, and we now paddle all year round. We paddle marathon K1 (single person kayak), K2 (tandom kayak), wild water racers and canoe and we have been attending some of the Midlands race events such as the Hasler marathon series, Barrow upon soar down river winter series race and some Matlock WWR events. We have a good relationship with Soar Valley Canoe Club who are also located at he outdoor pursuits centre and sometimes join with their training sessions.

Social, Fun Racing

We paddle for enjoyment, concentrate on learning and developing good techniques, to build up fitness, endurance and speed. Paddle sport racing is fun, social and a great way in keeping fit.

Group development

We are looking to develop the racing group and are looking for more new and existing PaddlePlus members to take part, we would welcome to anyone who has an interest in this area whatever your age or ability, and if you aren't a current member, feel free to come for a trial session. We aim to attend and participate in more events as the season progresses.