Plus - other activities

The whole point of the 'Plus' part of PaddlePlus is that its not all boat, boat, boat! Many of our members have other interests and often bleed over into a trip arranged by those members. 

We also own several Paddleboards which are often used during water sessions or for trips in their own right.

Social activities as part of PaddlePlus

Previous trips have included Caving, Roller Skating, Climbing, Archery, Mountain Biking and Social nights.

Everyone is a volunteer meaning that anyone can arrange a trip. As a member you'll get the opportunity to both participate or organise.

Camping Trips with Optional Kayaking

Our very popular trips to the Wye Valley, Scotland and other areas aren't exclusively boat based. Many members come and camp or stay with the trip but occupy themselves walking, mountain biking or doing whatever they please.

PaddlePlus is a club run by its members, for its members - the more you put in the more you will get out.  It's amazing what you can achieve when you get involved!