The club provides excellent value coaching for its members, both informally whilst on trips, and organised focused coaching. 

Informal Kayak & Canoe coaching for members

This intervention based coaching is usually delivered during a club night or whilst out on a trip and usually just feels like getting a helping hand. Members are lead along a path of continual improvement, be that just feeling comfortable in a boat or challenging a confident paddler to try a new river.

We feel that learning is best achieved by doing and so our coaches and experienced paddlers encourage, give tips and support every time we are on the water. A big part of the club ethos is 'paying back', so as you improve you will become able to give help to others that need it. This creates a cycle of community based, accessible advice that forms the basis of PaddlePlus.

Course & Award based coaching

PaddlePlus arrange courses throughout the year, typical examples of these are;

  • BCU 2* (1* level is usually reached via direct participation & informal coaching on club nights)
  • Kayak & Canoe Improver Courses
  • Foundation Safety & Rescue Training (FSRT)
  • Introduction to moving water

Courses are always ran at a very low nominal fee for our members and are delivered by our qualified volunteer coaches. 

Opportunities to Coach

The club invests heavily in coaching, and our coaches invest a lot of their time for free in return. PaddlePlus is very supportive of committed members who wish to coach at the club both in terms of developing the skills needed and by using club funds to help pay for qualifications.